Hello, my name is Martin

Hello, my name is Martin

I was born in Pleven, a town in the central north region of my beautiful Bulgaria. After finishing school I moved to the capital - Sofia and lived there for a decade. I’ve worked for a few web development companies. That’s the way I’ve build up my skills and extensive expertise as a software developer.

What followed were a couple of years when I did consulting work for foreign companies in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Vienna, including the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). My desire to learn and grow led me to a decision to try working and living abroad. I choose the UK when I joined NDP as a senior Drupal developer in late December 2013. I loved London and working with the team, but after two years there I felt it was time for something different. We’ve made a deal with the management for a remote work arrangement. This way I was free to come back to my country and continue working for the company. After a while, I joined one of the biggest fintech companies in Bulgaria. Currently I’m working with the awesome people at Camplight - a very different type of organisation, and I love it!

I am a programmer and open source software enthusiast. I stared writing code when I was 11 and tried installing Linux for the first time few years later. Initialy my professional expertise was with LAMP stacks (Linux/Apache/mySQL/PHP) but lately I’ve been more interested in the JavaScript world (Node.js, Vue.js). I am capable of administering a variety of Linux distributions, Debian being my choice most of the time.

My primary skills are as a web developer and I possess considerable knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, HTML and database design & management. I’ve been working with PHP & mySQL since 2003 (16+ years of commercial experience). In that time I’ve been responsible for the development of 4 different bespoke CRM systems and countless other web sites and applications. For some of these I’ve used frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Symfony and Express, and for others I’ve build my own code base from scratch.

I’ve dedicated 10 years of my career to focusing on Drupal projects. Traditionally my role has been developing custom modules, extending contributed modules and helping the team by solving challenging technical problems. Most of my latest work on Drupal projects consists of writing custom modules communicating with different 3rd party systems via SOAP or REST APIs and migrating data from various legacy databases. I have also contributed some modules (webform_term_opts as an example) and patches to other modules. My Drupal.org profile has more related information.

Lately, I’ve been more interested in machine learning and completed some online courses on the subject. I’m looking forward to learn more while applying these new skills on new projects.

Please get in touch if there’s something I can help with in your current or future projects.

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